Our expertise

Support and maintenance

Thanks to its seasoned technicians and their many years of experience, CNC Technica's team will provide high quality support and maintenance services by using their skills to your advantage in the best time frame possible.

Whether you need technical support or maintenance and preventive services, our technicians will repair and/or maintain your machine tools and equipment to allow you to benefit from your production line's optimal performance and to minimize the important losses resulting from performance deterioration.

We can handle the complete maintenance and support of the electrical aspects (digital control, motorization, hardwiring) and mechanical aspects (geometry, scraping, hydraulic renovation, etc.) of your equipment in order to:


Maintain or restore the initial performance of your machine tools


Adapt your equipment to new production constraints


Update your existing equipment.

Often cheaper than buying new equipment

These operations allow you to extend the life of your production line and improve and optimize its performance.