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CNC Technica

CNC Technica Inc. is a Quebec company with expertise in many sectors, including: machine-tool refurbishing, sales of machine-tools, cutting tools and other equipment, and parts related to machining. Thanks to their experience and suitable tools, our specialists are able to adjust and revise your equipment.

Our services present a logical alternative to the replacement of your machine tools, an increasingly expensive solution. Whether you need your machines repaired or adjusted, keep our team of expert technicians in mind. Thanks to the expertise and experience of its technicians, CNC Technica has been offering production line maintenance, repair and optimization services to companies equipped with production lines and CNC or conventional machines since 2001. These services allow for more efficient production lines that conform to the market's requirements and offer the best performance possible. Since our creation, national and international groups have asked our team for assistance. They entrusted us with their team's training, the audits and maintenance of their machines and advising their company on all levels. Smaller companies also appreciated our skills and experience in process control engineering. The maintenance and optimization of companies, big or small, is our speciality!

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About our enterprise

About us

Created in 2001 by Benoit Girard and Daniel Mondoux, CNC Technica is a Quebec company with a full team leveraging its expertise to maintain, repair and update your machine tools.

Our mission

Offer assessment, maintenance, repair, update, design and support services for conventional and digital machine tools from a team of seasoned technicians.

Our vision

Allow companies using machine tools production lines to operate in the most efficient way possible, thanks to high-performance equipment preventing production failures.