Repairing your equipment

Our prime mission is to get your production back on track!

Our repair service will greatly reduce the costs related to production failures. Our experts offer their skills in the best time frame possible. Whether you are looking for a consultant in machining processes, tools, solving common production problems or technical support, our specialists in fabrication and machining techniques for CNC and conventional equipment are at your service. Our technicians can design special tools, machining and inspection templates and even create inspection methods. All of our prime quality services are delivered by a team of seasoned technicians.

Whether it is to:

Replace a new spindle;
Realign pivots after a crash;
Balance equipment to reduce vibrations or perform any other type of repairs; or
Replace spindle bearings.

If you need to modernize your equipment to better serve the needs of your clients, we can update your machinery, conventional or CNC. Our complete or partial retrofit solutions are less costly than the replacement of your machines.


  • optimize your production line
  • install digital readout linear measurement systems on conventional or digital machines
  • transform or modify your machine tools;
  • design clamping systems
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