General information: 

  • Model: CL-5912CNC-2K / CL-5906CNC-DS / CL-5912CNC-RT
  • Prices indicated are FOB Los Angeles CA. US. Tooling, rigging, freight & sales taxes are not included

  • Payment terms: 50% deposit , 50% balance before ship

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery time: xx days after deposit
  • Training, installation, tooling & rigging are option. Customer is responsible for local regulations and utilities connecting


  • CL-NC-AOFD: Auto Feed Magazine: $1,790.00


  • Durable and steady are key features that ensure long life of motion and accuracy.
  • Automatic processing control by the NC Controller for easy & fast productions
  • CL-1506CNC-DS with double Spindle for making the 2 pcs of the project at one pass. To increase the productivity.
  • USB interface for data input. DSP control system based on the stepper Up-Controller Unit of PCI Lines in PV. It adopts the world advanced DSP-TMS320, XC2S300 controller chip which has the advantage of high speed, stable, strong preventing interference.
  • The software of the machine has multi-functions; supports the file of DWG, HDGL(PLT), BMP, DXF, G-code, DST and AI which can work with the software of AutoCAD, CorelDraw, and Photoshop.
  • Easy to operate and lower maintenance cost.
  • Equipped with material center holding ring for stable cutting
  • Industrial full power motor for maximum cutting capacity.
  • Heavy cast iron frame and table for durability usage.

DSP control system118″ x 39″ x 63″3200 LBS90 psi59″
CL-5912CNC-2K and CL-5912CNC-RT: 12″ / CL-5906CNC-DS: 6″
78 FPM
0 ~ 3000 RPM
By Invertor
5.3 HP (4 KW)
X & Z Axis
Y Axis