General information: 

  • Model: PRO-408/PRO-510 CNC router
  • Automatic Infeed Loading & Outfeed with Drill Bank & Rotary Auto Tool Change
  • Prices indicated are FOB Los Angeles CA. US. Tooling, rigging, freight & sales taxes are not included

  • Payment terms: 50% deposit , 50% balance before ship

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Delivery time: xx days after deposit
  • Training, installation, tooling & rigging are option. Customer is responsible for local regulations and utilities connecting.


  • Rotary axis / lathe to add on CNC router: $3480. You can find some more information here

Insection services: 

  • 1. Machine Gantry X Axis square rails Parallel vertical accuracy 0.001” (0.03mm)
  • 2. Y Axis square rails Parallel vertical accuracy 0.001” (0.03mm)
  • 3. Z Axis ball screw Parallel vertical accuracy 0.001” (0.03mm)
  • 4. Machine Re-position accuracy 0.001” (0.02mm)
  • 5. Machine working accuracy 0.002” (0.05mm)
  • 6. Grating ruler travel accuracy 0.002” (0.05mm)


  • Nesting work for Automatic Infeed Loading with scissor lift and Outfeed Unloading with conveyor Process
  • Automatic 8 Rotary station auto tool changer for increased productivity.
  • All “servo motor” driving system: All axis are driven by brush-less type, high torque AC servo motors.
  • PC base Syntec CNC controller is setup to accept standard G-code programming formats along with on board conversational applications.
  • Optional CAD/CAM system can create and edit part programs then send to machine for easy cutting. DXF files can be imported, modified and edited from here to create a G-code.
  • Moving gantry construction for space saving.
  • The rigid steel frame construction has been stress relieved prior to finish machining to provide repeat-ability and accuracy.
  • The HSD spindle uses CP4 DB bearings with a dust-free design. The heavy-duty fan cooling system forces air through the spindle to assist in trouble-free operation.
  • Automatic frequency brake for the spindle allows rapid deceleration resulting in faster tool changes.
  • Linear guides and sliding blocks are prismatic pre-loaded with recirculation bearings to ensure maximum rapid traverse and precision.
  • The X & Y axis are equipped with a precision rack & pinion driving system.
  • The Z axis utilizes a ball screw assembly complete with the pre-loaded and ground screw for long life and optimum accuracy.
  • Special design 6 zone vacuum table surface for powerful hold down.

Machine apply industries:

  • Woodworking industries: Three-dimensional wave plate processing, cupboard doors, wooden doors, window processing video game cabinets and panels,computer table and Plate furniture auxiliary processing.
  • The advertising industry: Advertising signs, logo production, acrylic cutting, forming system module, a variety of materials advertising the production of decorative products.
  • Die industry: A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand, plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, wooden planks and other non-metallic mold.

SYNTEC Control system
Automatic 8 pcs ISO30 Tools, Rotary Tool Quick Change
Standard HSD Drill Bank
Auto Infeed Loading Scissor Lift & Outfeed Conveyor TableHSD 12.8 HP (9.6 KW) air cooling, Quick Change, speed 6,000-24,000 rpm/min6 zone Vacuum table
Japan Yaskawa AC servo drive & motor & Japan SHIMPO Gear Box
Taiwan TBI or HIWIN Helical rack and pinion drive
Taiwan TBI or HIWIN ball screw
Taiwan HIWIN brand linear square rails
11 KW Inverter
France Schneider
Japan Omron
German Siemens OEM factory cable
Automatic control with filter
PRO-408; X*51’’, Y*98’’, Z*7-3/4’’ / PRO-510; X*63’’, Y*126’’, Z*7-3/4’’
PRO-408; 433” x 98” x 71” / PRO-510; 531” x 110” x 71”
2,350 IPM
1,100 IPM
3 PH ,220 V ,53 AMP
PRO-408; 8,810 lbs / PRO-510 9,970 lbs*.plt,*.dst,*.dxf,*.bmp,*.dwg,*uoo
German MoellerStandardAutomatic
Standard 4 pcs